Acker, the worlds undisputed top wine auction firm, approached its 200th anniversary just as it was completing a major rebrand. Acker’s leaders wanted to tell that story and the rest of the corporate history in a book

e designed The Story of Acker as a gift given to the companys largest clients at their 200-year anniversary celebration.
— Anniversary History Book
As we neared the design phase for a coffee table book for wine auctioneer Acker, the client chose ABZORB due to the quality of its portfolio. Then, after long delays, Acker sought to accelerate the design/print process to a degree that I did not believe possible. It was, largely due to the quiet competence of Michael and Suzanne at ABZORB. Their designs were first rate, making the most of the visual assets I had collected, and their responsiveness was remarkable. They negotiated both minor revisions and major changes of direction quickly and with unerring success. The result was a book of the highest quality, completed in record time. In short, Michael and Suzanne not only know how to design, they know how to deliver. 
Kenneth Durr
Kenneth Durr Historical Consulting
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