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Nothing gives us more satisfaction than ABZORB clients becoming enthusiastic ABZORB fans. Since 1998, we have been building a powerful fan base. Here are just a few examples of that enthusiasm.
Abzorb can combine the tough task of being able to jump into projects, yet understand the client will have ideas of their own after seeing the initial release. I appreciate the help we receive from them sending file images to mail-order catalogs, magazines, etc. abzorb does a professional job, and its nice to work with someone that really understands and uses all the new hi-tech tools, and software available today.” 
Greg Hickman, General Manager 
Altec Products, Inc.

“Through a referral, I hired abzorb to design the brand identity logo and collateral for ElectroSea. They took the time to understand my new business needs and transformed them into visual communications that promote the ClearLine System. They are exceptionally responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend their professionalism and creativity to anyone looking for graphic design services.”
Daniel L. Cosentino, MBA, CEO & President

“Working with the abzorb team is a unique joy, not only because of the professionalism and creativity they bring to their projects, but also because of their unflappable positive attitudes, even in the face of tight deadlines and last-minute changes. Projects are managed carefully, and clients are treated respectfully. What more could anyone want?”
Susan E. Haberle, APR
Haberle Communications
“The designers at ABZORB are wonderful. As a repeat customer I continue to be impressed by the fruitful collaboration. The graphic designers helped transform our ideas into a visual narrative that captivated the audience—and most importantly—our final client. ABZORB is a real gem!”
Jason H. Gart, Ph.D.
History Associates Inc.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the abzorb team for the past 4 years. Their professionalism, creativeness and attitude has been their strengths during our partnership. It is difficult to find a partner who is as truly enthusiastic about understanding our business and working towards our goals and needs.”
Roger A. Neilson Jr., VP Sales and Marketing
In’Tech Industries, Inc.

As we neared the design phase for a coffee table book for wine auctioneer Acker, the client chose ABZORB due to the quality of its portfolio. Then, after long delays, Acker sought to accelerate the design/print process to a degree that I did not believe possible. It was, largely due to the quiet competence of Michael and Suzanne at ABZORB. Their designs were first rate, making the most of the visual assets I had collected, and their responsiveness was remarkable. They negotiated both minor revisions and major changes of direction quickly and with unerring success. The result was a book of the highest quality, completed in record time. In short, Michael and Suzanne not only know how to design, they know how to deliver. 
Kenneth Durr
Kenneth Durr Historical Consulting

“The Minnesota Head Start Association and its partners have a very positive experience working with abzorb. They allow the development process of our projects to proceed at their own pace, welcoming a variety of reviewers to weigh in on improvements. The staff is very professional, friendly and adaptable. We couldn’t be happier with our partnership!”
Gayle Kelly, Executive Director
Minnesota Head Start Association, Inc.

“ABZORB was knowledgeable, focused, and quick to respond to all our requests. There is no doubt that when the next design project comes up, we will go directly to ABZORB!”
Supply Chain Manager

“Abzorb picked up a new client/project and with limited resource files or time, helped me to hit my clients objectives. The client actually said they love it!”
Kelly Novak, President & Owner
Perspective Communications

“With my deeply grateful thanks for your dedicated and brilliant work with the book and the graphics for the exhibition. Your contribution in this project is a tribute to Minneapolis College of Art and Design where we first met in an MCAD classroom quite some years ago.

Let me add that Saint Vincent Archabbey & College and I are very appreciative of your contribution to the Upsidedown Book and Upsidedown Mural—you both were so supportive in also bringing that project to fruition.”
Roman Verostko
“Roman Verostko has mentioned on many occasions that both of you have been instrumental in the development of the WIM book and mural. We are deeply honored that the mural will be the centerpiece for the new Fred Rogers Center. Roman and Alice have indicated that your help has been invaluable in maintaining high quality while achieving the project economically. Please know that I am deeply grateful for the wonderful contributions that you made to both the book and mural which will be seen by thousands of visitors who will come to the Fred Rogers Center in the coming years.”
Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., Archabbot of Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent Archabbey

“My interactions with Michael and Suzanne Welch were always both professional and convivial – reminding me each time we spoke of the confidence and excitement in what we were working on. In addition to designing an entire publication, ABZORB created branding for the Center that is not only thoughtful, it imparts a sense of timeliness. The Welch’s collective expertise comes to bear on all their projects – often going above and beyond to make sure we were getting something of superior quality.” 
Andrew Julo, Director/Curator
Verostko Center for the Arts / Saint Vincent College

“We have been very satisfied with our abzorb partnership over the past years. We often work with clients who have narrow corporate brands and abzorb has been able to create compelling visuals that fit within the guidelines but stand out in their ability to communicate complicated concepts quickly and intuitively. Multiple times we have seen clients re-purpose and re-use abzorb’s visuals well beyond the original project. In working with abzorb we have come to expect a very high quality product with a fast turnaround and flexible can-do approach.”
Madelyn Nasser, Partner
Vital Marketing

“The Wisconsin Head Start Association has been working with abzorb for about three years now. Our projects have included everything from conference logos and programs to our full annual Association Information Report. During our time working together, we at the WHSA office have been consistently impressed with the quality of work that has come from Michael and Suzanne. They have offered flexible deadlines and quick responses to communication. We love working with abzorb and will continue to do so in the future.” 
Brian Stults, Data Analyst, Event Planner & Administrative Assistant
Wisconsin Head Start Association
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