Cardiva Medical 
Cardiva Medical, Inc. designs and develops vascular access management products to help the body heal itself following diagnostic and interventional procedures.

We created a product brochure and white paper advertisements to introduce a new vascular closure device for EP procedures that eliminates the need for manual compression. Using concise type and clear infographics we conveyed how VASCADE MVP gets patients up and moving hours earlier, with significantly less discomfort.
— Product Brochure
— Advertisements

— Infographics 
— Iconography 
“We have been very satisfied with our abzorb partnership over the past years. We often work with clients who have narrow corporate brands and abzorb has been able to create compelling visuals that fit within the guidelines but stand out in their ability to communicate complicated concepts quickly and intuitively. Multiple times we have seen clients re-purpose and re-use abzorb’s visuals well beyond the original project. In working with abzorb we have come to expect a very high quality product with a fast turnaround and flexible can-do approach.”
Madelyn Nasser, Partner
Vital Marketing
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