Verostko Center for the Arts
In Fall 2020 Saint Vincent College opened the Verostko Center for the Arts. Located inside the Dale P. Latimer Library, the expanded 9,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility features four distinct exhibition areas, a video-presentation space, administrative offices, and climate-controlled storage for Saint Vincent’s collection of art, rare books, and archive. The Center stands as an enduring testament to the vital contributions Verostko has made both locally and internationally.

We developed the brand identity to represent the educative and inspirational aspects of VCA. Exhibiting work by contemporary artists and objects from the Saint Vincent permanent collections, the Center provides opportunities for its constituents to engage with diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas.

Our design of Art Nourishes Life features works culled from Saint Vincent’s impressive holdings. These works stand not only as a testament to Abbot Boniface and King Ludwig of Bavaria, but to the myriad of artists, educators, and benefactors whose determined efforts collectively acknowledge the power of art to transform its viewers and environment.
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“My interactions with Michael and Suzanne Welch were always both professional and convivial – reminding me each time we spoke of the confidence and excitement in what we were working on. In addition to designing an entire publication, ABZORB created branding for the Center that is not only thoughtful, it imparts a sense of timeliness. The Welch's collective expertise comes to bear on all their projects – often going above and beyond to make sure we were getting something of superior quality.” 
Andrew Julo, Director/Curator
Verostko Center for the Arts / Saint Vincent College
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